Shipping Puzzle

How much is it gonna cost to get that bad boy to your doorstep?

Here's a sassy little table to break it down:

Puzzle Size (pcs) Tin Box Shipping ($) Paper Box Shipping ($)
110 10.00 10.00
252 10.00 10.00
500 15.50 11.99
1000/1014 15.50 11.99


- Shipping Cost : $19.99 (Rest of the world)
-Please allow 2-10 business days for your order to be processed and made
- Standard shipping takes 3-5 days
- Please note that these times are estimated by USPS and may take longe
- Please make sure your shipping address is correct before placing an order
- Printed and Shipped in the USA and rest of the world
- Shipping Cost will be calculated at checkout