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7 Evergreen Print-on-Demand Niches You Can't Afford to Miss in 2023

7 Evergreen Print-on-Demand Niches You Can't Afford to Miss in 2023



American and another nationality combination

Designs combining the American flag with other countries and professions.

Christian Bible verse designs in a retro groovy style

Retro designs with Christian quotes and verses.

Political shirts

Profitable designs within specific political sub-niches.

Mental health

Designs promoting mental health or incorporating sarcastic jokes about personal struggles.

Cottage core

Graphic designs featuring elements of nature, homesteading, and crafts.

Themed birthday shirts for kids

Birthday shirts for specific themes and ages.

Library and reading

Designs related to reading and books in different genres or themes.

In the world of e-commerce, identifying profitable niches is a crucial part of the strategy. This article brings you seven evergreen niches in the print-on-demand industry that you cannot afford to miss in 2023. These niches, personally successful for an experienced presenter, hold the potential for significant returns on your investment.

1. American and another nationality combination

Capitalizing on national pride and cultural mixes, our Bella Canvas Tees Collection features designs combining the American flag with other countries' flags or professions. These are particularly popular during national holidays like the 4th of July, yet they consistently sell throughout the year.

"In an increasingly connected world, apparel that celebrates our mixed heritage and professions can strike a chord with customers."

2. Christian Bible verse designs in a retro groovy style

Retro never goes out of style. Combine this timeless aesthetic with the profound resonance of Christian quotes and verses, and you've got a promising niche. Check out our Romantic Necklaces collection for inspiration.

3. Political shirts

Political shirts can be highly profitable when handled with care. Instead of courting controversy, it's advisable to focus on specific sub-niches within the political spectrum, as evidenced in our Funny T-shirt collection.

4. Mental health

As society becomes more open to discussing mental health, designs promoting mental health or incorporating sarcastic jokes about personal struggles have become popular. Find relevant designs in our Empowered collection.

5. Cottage core

This niche revolves around the cottagecore aesthetic, capturing the charm of rural life with nature, homesteading, and crafts. Our Printable Posters collection and the Sherpa Snuggle Blankets collections are great examples.

6. Themed birthday shirts for kids

Creating birthday shirts for specific themes and ages, such as mermaid-themed or truck-themed parties, can be lucrative. Check out our Gift for Kids collection for more inspiration.

7. Library and reading

With reading becoming a popular hobby, designs related to reading and books are in demand. Delve into different genres or themes like thrillers, fantasy, or banned books in our Mugs collection.

Know more Product Niche Research with the help of this video:

By conducting thorough research, focusing on sub-niches, and incorporating current trends, you can maximize your print-on-demand business's profitability. To further delve into the print-on-demand world, you might want to check our articles, such as The Future of Personalized Apparel: Print on Demand Trends for 2023, 5 Unique Ways to Personalize Your T-Shirt with Print on Demand, and many more.


 Q. What are the best niches for print-on-demand businesses?

  • The best niches for print-on-demand businesses are those that have a steady demand throughout the year. This includes niches like pop culture, specific professions, hobbies, pets, and events like birthdays or anniversaries. However, the "best" niche can vary greatly depending on your target audience, brand, and current trends.

Q. What are some successful designs in the "American and other nationality combinations" niche?

  • Successful designs in this niche often include creative combinations of the American flag with the flag of another country, or a profession typically associated with another country. For instance, an American-Italian chef design could feature the American and Italian flags combined with a chef's hat.

Q. Can you suggest any ideas for "Christian Bible verse designs in a retro groovy style"? 

  • Certainly! You could create designs that feature popular Bible verses in groovy, retro fonts and colors. Incorporating symbols like crosses or doves in a retro style could also work. You might also consider designs that incorporate popular Christian hymns or phrases with a vintage feel.

Q. What are some guidelines for creating "Political shirts"? 

  • Creating political shirts should be approached with caution to avoid causing offense or controversy. Stick to positive messages and avoid anything that could be seen as derogatory or divisive. Consider focusing on universally accepted concepts, like unity, peace, or civic duty rather than specific parties or politicians.

Q. How can I incorporate mental health themes into my designs? 

  • Mental health-themed designs could include positive affirmations, supportive messages, or uplifting quotes. You could also incorporate some humor or sarcasm to lighten the mood, as long as it's done sensitively. Remember, the goal is to spread awareness and promote mental health, not to trivialize it.

Q. What are some successful designs in the "Cottage core" niche?

  • Successful "Cottage core" designs often feature elements of nature, rustic living, and traditional crafts. Think of designs with plants, farm animals, homemade bread, knitting, or a cozy cottage. The key is to evoke a sense of peaceful, rural living.

Q. Can you suggest any ideas for "Themed birthday shirts for kids"?

  • Certainly! For kids' birthday shirts, popular themes might include favorite characters from books or movies, animals, princesses, superheroes, and more. You could also design shirts for specific ages with themes like "Awesome at 7" or "Terrific Two-Year-Old".

Q. What are some successful designs in the "Library and reading" niche? 

  • Designs in the "Library and reading" niche can include images of books, famous literary quotes, or puns about reading. You could create designs for specific genres, like fantasy or mystery, or themes like book clubs, late-night reading, or the joy of a new book.

Q. How can I research and find new print-on-demand niches?

  • Researching new niches can involve several methods. You can study trends on social media platforms, use keyword research tools to identify what people are searching for, analyze best-selling items on print-on-demand platforms, or survey your customers to learn about their interests and needs.

Q. What makes a niche "evergreen" in the print-on-demand industry?

  • An "evergreen" niche in the print-on-demand industry is a topic that maintains its relevance and demand throughout the year, year after year. This means that the products within these niches have a constant demand, regardless of season or trends, making them a reliable source of income for your business.
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