model wearing custom AI t-shirt design in cottage core theme and using canva and with a heading of the article on right hand side.

DIY Fashion: How to Create Your Own AI Midjourney T-Shirt Design at Home Step-by-Step Using Canva

DIY Fashion: How to Create Your Own AI Midjourney T-Shirt Design at Home Step-by-Step Using Canva 🎨

Hey, fashionistas and DIY divas! Ever wondered how you can create a bangin' T-shirt design without breaking a sweat or the bank? 🤔 Let me tell you, the secret sauce is Canva! And I've got all the deets to turn you into a AI (Midjourney) superstar. Ready to get artsy? 🎭 Here we go! 🚀


Objectives & Actions

Pro Tips

Must-Reads for Deeper Dive

Part 1: The Sketch ✏️

Create initial sketch with free-hand tools.

Always start simple. Complexity comes later.

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Part 2: Clean-Up 🧹

Remove any unnecessary elements.

Double-check for any 'loose pixels'.

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Part 3: Nightmare AI 🤖

Resize PNG file.

Simplifying is key. Less is more.

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Part 4: Canva 🔥

Add color, fit into canvas, finalize text.

Fit your design like Cinderella's slipper fits her.

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Final Touches 🎁

Add more shapes, finalize layers, save as PNG.

Final touches make all the difference.

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Tools You'll Need 🛠️

  • Midjourney: For initial drafts.
  • Photopea: To edit and clean up.
  • Nightmare AI: To increase image resolution.
  • Canva: Final touches, baby!



Why it's a Must-have


Initial Drafts

Raw Creativity


Cleaning up Designs

Detailing is Queen

Nightmare AI

File Format Conversion

Quality Control


Adding Final Touches

Glamming Up

graph of the work flow of the entire process of creating t-shirt design at home

Part 1: Let’s Draft with Midjourney 📝


Create a cottage core Mushroom design for women's T-shirts. Oh yes, we're going retro!

snapshot of midjourney command to generate a mushroom design

Key Steps:

  1. Get inspired. Think "hand drawn vector style vintage, cute cartoon mushroom with leaves, simple, line draft, white background, filled white, kids style, vector, out of box, solid color, no shadow, only green and red." 🥃
  2. Selection is the key. Choose based on available space and aesthetics.
  3. Finalize your rough sketch. You’ll refine it later.

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Part 2: Time to Clean Up in Photopea 🖌️


Remove all that cluttering text and elements, my darlings.

You gotta start somewhere, right? First things first, import your design into Photopea — usually a 1024x1024 PNG file does the trick. Grab the brush tool and scrub away the unwanted text until it's shinier than a new mug from SarsariCreations. Yes, you can adjust the brush size! What if there are stubborn elements like stars? Brush 'em off too! 🌟

Tip: Use the eyedrop tool for color-matching like a pro.

List of Must-Have Tools:

  • Brush Tool 🖌
  • Eyedrop Tool 👁‍🗨
  • Import Option ⬆️


  1. Import the design as a 1024x1024 PNG.
  2. Grab the brush tool and sweep away unwanted text.
  3. Adjust the brush size. Go big or go home.
  4. Erase specific elements like stars or borders.

Quick Tip: The eyedrop tool is your best friend. It helps you pick the exact color you need to paint over areas seamlessly.

You could be designing the next hit Women on the Rise t-shirt or the coolest calendar of 2023.

Further Reads

Part 3: The Nitty-Gritty: Refining with Nightmare AI 🤖


Turn that PNG into an high resolution image vector and simplify your life and color scheme.


  1. Upload your cleaned PNG into Nightmare AI.
  2. Select Scale size as 6.
  3. Download your all-new PNG. 
snapshot of how to vectorize an image

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Part 4: Let’s Get Sizzling in Canva 🔥


Make. That. Design. Pop. 🎉

Upload design in Canva.

snapshot showing how to upload design in Canva
Remove Background from the Image that is exported in Canva:
snapshot showing how to remove background in Canva app
Add the elements in Canva to make the design more appealing and aesthetic:
snapshot showing how to add elements to the design

Color Management

  • Rapid-fire color removal by selecting elements and deleting them.
  • Fit your design into the canvas like Cinderella’s slipper.
  • Play with colors. Turn that canvas green, or red!

Adding Text 🗨️

  • Add font to the design 'Happy. "Growth," to be exact. 😎
  • Choose your typeface. Make it vintage, make it classy!

Add Abstract Groovy font to the graphic. This font is downloaded from Creativefabrica or one can use free fonts from the Canva Font library.

snapshot showing to add font to an design in canva

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And just like that, you've leveled up your design game! 🚀 Whether you're planning to churn out funny t-shirts or unique printable calendars, these tips will make sure your designs are nothing short of fab! 💅

Step 3: Further Refining the Cottage Core Design in Canva 🖋

Feel like your design is missing that oomph? Let's spice it up!

Text Additions and Adjustments

  • Opt for " Abstract Groovy font" as your primary font.
  • Incorporate phrases like "Positive Attitude," or "Limited edition" to make it personal.

Design Extras 🌟

  • Add some elements like frog or leaves. Balance is beauty!
  • Bring in elements from Canva's library to fill gaps.

Design Finalization 🏁

  • Circles, stars, and symmetry – Oh my!
  • Ensure your design fits various T-shirt colors.

Saving and Scaling 🗂️

snapshot showing how to download transparent design in canva

List of Phrases for That Positive Retro Vibe:

  1. Groovy Baby
  2. Far Out
  3. Staying' Alive
  4. Peace, Love and Rock 'n' Roll
  5. That's Dynamite

Import the final design in Canva. Put the design on a mockup to check how it will look exactly on a t-shirt and reduce the transparency of the design.

snapshot of how to put design on a t-shirt mockup to test the design

    Go with erasing the background especially if you're looking to print on transparent objects like candles or mugs.

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    Bonus: Versatility and Recommendations 🌈

    Don’t just stop at cottage core, create all sorts of other retro designs. Plus, who says you can't experiment with other styles like "Kawaii"? Keep learning, keep experimenting!

    Here's the final result:

    model wearing white t-shirt of a cottage core design in canva
    Examples of few more color palette that you can try in your designs. Here's the Cottage Core Palette with the specified colors:
    • Earthy Brown
    • Muted Green
    • Soft Pastel Pink
    • Creamy White
    cottage core color palette for t-shirt designs
    Here's the Retro Palette with the specified colors:
    • Bright Orange
    • Vibrant Yellow
    • Electric Blue
    • Neon Pink
    retro color palette for t-shirt designs
    Here's the Bold Palette with the specified colors:
    • Vibrant Green
    • Bold Red
    • Deep Blue
    • Bright Yellow
    Bold color palette for t-shirt designs and more
    watch the entire process in this YouTube video:


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    1. Why should I start with a simple sketch?

    Answer: Starting simple is key! You need a foundation to build upon. Once you have the basics down, you can add layers, colors, and effects to jazz it up. Trust me, you don't want to bite off more than you can chew at the start! This can be easily done by using mid journey.

    2. What's the point of using Vectorizer AI? 🤖

    Answer: Vectorizer AI is a total game-changer! It turns your PNG into an SVG, making it easier to manipulate without losing quality. Plus, you can simplify your color scheme down to just two colors. Elegance is in simplicity, darling!

    3. Why limit to just two colors when using Vectorizer AI?

    Answer: Less is more! Two colors make your design easier to read and more versatile. Plus, limiting your palette makes it more cost-effective when printing—especially useful when you're dealing with high-quality custom products like those Bella Canvas T-shirts.

    4. What should I focus on when fine-tuning my design in Canva? 🔥

    Answer: Honey, it's all about the pop! Focus on fitting your design perfectly into the canvas—like Cinderella's slipper, but more fab. Play with colors and don't forget to choose a classy, maybe even vintage, typeface.

    5. Can these design steps be applied to other products besides printables?

    Answer: Absolutely! The beauty of this process is its versatility. You could create designs for mugs, calendars, even soulmate necklaces. The sky's the limit!
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