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Unveiling 5 Online Passive Income Products in 2023: Earning $100 a Day Online from Unique and Attractive Products on Etsy

Unveiling 5 Online Passive Income Products in 2023: Earning $100 a Day Online from Unique and Attractive Products on Etsy


Profitability Score

Competition Level

Startup Cost

Digital Manifestation Planners & Journals




Wall Tapestries


Moderate to High


Mapped Prints


High (Low for specific locations)


Dish Towels




Tote & Pencil Bags (Children's)





 Let's put that spotlight on the five showstoppers of Etsy. And let's talk cash, honey! 💸

1. Digital Manifestation Planners & Journals 📓✨

Think about our romantic necklaces, but digital. And profitable. Say hello to the future of journaling. 'Manifestable', an Etsy superstar, is cashing in on digital downloads. From students to spiritual gurus, they've got everyone covered.

  • 💸 Over $670,000 made in just a year, almost entirely profit! Now, that's manifesting.
  • 🏷️ Average prices? Just $5-$6.
  • 🏪 The startup cost is just about $10. A small fee for a big vision.

Remember the joy of putting pen to paper in a leather-bound journal? Well, this time, it's the thrill of stylus on screen.

digital manifestation journal with a tab in beige color

2. Wall Tapestries 🖼️🎨

Next stop, wall art town. We're hanging out with the tapestry titans.

Art isn't just to admire, it's to profit from. Wall tapestries are the silent earners of Etsy. They are the feel cozy with sherpa snuggle blankets of the wall décor world.

tapestry showing all the herbs and flowers

3. Mapped Prints 🗺️💰

They say all roads lead to Rome. Well, all maps on Etsy lead to profit. These are your printable posters on steroids.

  • 💵 A sweet $100 a day at a 50% profit margin.
  • 🌍 The world is your market. Literally.

Time to plot your journey to profit-ville with these mapped prints.

  • These prints are the world travelers of Etsy. Not your regular mug affair.
  • Want to explore this further? Dive into the Printable Posters Collection.
  • Need a timeline? Your roadmap to success starts with the July Calendar.
three map wall hangings on the back of a big sofa

4. Dish Towels 🧺💡

The kings of the kitchen world. Dish towels are not the heroes we deserve, but the heroes we need.

  • 💸 Making around $100 a day. That's no small change.
  • 📈 More successful shops earn about $30,000 a month.

These kitchen's open secret. Dish towels are the understated cash cows.

printed napking with a name title on it

5. Tote & Pencil Bags (Children's) 🎒🖍️

Customizable, affordable, profitable. That's the tote and pencil bag industry on Etsy. It's like the gift for kids section in Santa's workshop, but with better profit margins.

  • 🤑 $200 a day, over $6,200 a month.
  • 👧👦 Kids' stuff is big business. Profit margin? Almost 50%.

Time for some child's play. And by that, I mean profit.

Don't just daydream about your online store, sweethearts. Make it happen. Time to roll up those sleeves and let the cash register cha-ching.

model wearing a printed tote bag on her shoulder

Time to Cash In, Darling! 💰✨

There you have it, my enterprising mavens. Our whirlwind tour of Etsy's income generators - the top 5 online passive income products of 2023 that are redefining the term 'attractive.'

Aren't they fabulous? From digital downloads to practical kitchen textiles, Etsy's your grand stage to showcase your creativity and watch it turn to gold.

But remember, your journey doesn't stop here. This digital entrepreneurship thing is a forever learning curve. It's like staying fabulous - you never stop trying, you never stop learning.

Now go ahead, pull up your fancy socks, roll up your silk sleeves, and strut into the world of passive income. Turn your ideas into reality, transform your creativity into a lucrative gig, and show the world what you've got.

So, ready to light up your passive income dreams with candles? Or cozy up to success with sherpa snuggle blankets? Or perhaps, laugh your way to the bank with funny t-shirts?

The choice is yours, darling.

Stay sassy. Stay successful. Stay you.

Until next time,

Xoxo, Harsimran 💋

Also, linking an incredible video for more details and planning your shop:


1. What are the top 5 passive income products on Etsy for 2023?

The top 5 passive income products include Digital Downloads, Customized Kitchen Textiles, Printable Wall Art, SEO Services for Etsy Sellers, and Social Media Planner Templates.

2. Can these passive income products really help me earn $100 a day?

Absolutely! With the right strategy, these products can potentially earn you $100 or more per day. However, remember that results may vary and earning passive income requires effort, time, and sometimes, initial investment.

3. What do I need to start selling these products?

To start selling these products, you need to have an Etsy account, a creative mindset, and a basic understanding of digital tools relevant to your product. For instance, you would need to know graphic design for Printable Wall Art and Digital Downloads.

4. Do I need to keep physical inventory for these products?

Not at all. These products are primarily digital or made-to-order, which means you won’t need to maintain a physical inventory.

5. Can I customize these passive income products?

Yes, darling! Customization is the name of the game on Etsy. The more you customize and make your products unique, the more they will stand out and potentially drive sales.

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