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Etsy Print on Demand Halloween Trends 2023: From Neon Imagery to Crystal Spiders - What's Hot This Season?

Etsy Print on Demand Halloween Trends 2023: From Neon Imagery to Crystal Spiders - What's Hot This Season?

Halloween is not just a season; it's a lifestyle! 🎃✨


Popular Periods

Snake-themed items

July, October, December

Stained glass motifs

All year round

Antique-inspired frames

All year round

Embroidery-style printed art

All year round

Skulls with crowns, neon-style Halloween, dripping roses, crystal spiders

Halloween season




Trend Takeaway

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Snake-themed items

Snakes, especially with roses, are slithering into the fashion scene.

Make a style statement with dangerously chic snake-themed items.

Snake-themed Mugs

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Stained Glass Designs

This colorful trend is bringing vibrant life to everyday items.

Unleash your creativity and infuse your products with the stained glass theme.

Water Bottles

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Vintage-style Frames

Victorian-style frames are aging like fine wine, adding charm to modern fashion.

Leverage the vintage charm with the untapped potential of 'oval frame'.


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Embroidery-style Printed Art

Embroidery-style art with skulls and roses is blurring the lines between traditional art and modern fashion.

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Let's zoom into these trends, shall we? 🚀

Trend 1: Ssssseriously Sssstylish Snakes! 🐍💐

Note: Talk about a trend that refuses to slither away into oblivion!

Snakes are here, there, and everywhere. From being a forbidden fruit in fashion, snakes have become the apple of the trendsetter's eye. And when coupled with roses, it's an aesthetic that screams 'dangerously chic'. But don't just take my word for it. Check out these snake-themed mugs that are all the rage. Why just sip your coffee when you can make a style statement while at it?

Brace yourself for the snake wave that's about to hit!

Move over, bats and ghosts; the serpents have slithered into the spotlight. And when they're paired with roses? 🔥Even hotter!

grey colored t-shirt with a snake design printed on it

Just as I mentioned in my "Halloween Niche Mastery 2023" post, snakes are a trend that just won't quit. Keep your eyes on the slithery serpents, they're not going anywhere!

Trend 2: Stained-Glass Sassiness! 🌈✨

Note: Step aside, ordinary. Stained glass has arrived.

Think stained glass is outdated? Think again! The resurgence of this trend has shaken up the fashion scene, and how! Its versatility is what makes it a crowd favourite. Whether it's a subtle splash of color on a water bottle or a full-blown vibrant design on a hoodie, the stained glass theme is definitely here to stay.


For those who've been following "Investing in 2023's Print-on-Demand Business", this won't be a shocker. Stained glass isn't just for church windows anymore; it's making its way into our hearts, homes, and even our bottles!

mockup of a grey colored tie and die t-shirt with a princess design of stained glass effect on it

Trend 3: Vintage Vibe, Modern Tribe! 🖼️🌺

Note: Old is gold, but vintage is priceless.

Victorian-style frames have aged like fine wine, only getting better with time. And this year, they're going big. From ornate t-shirt designs to quirky home décor, the charm of vintage frames is simply irresistible. The key phrase to keep in mind here is 'oval frame', an under-the-radar keyword on Etsy that's a gold mine waiting to be tapped into.

Victorian vintage is back in town, people! Remember what we uncovered in "Mastering Etsy 2023"? "Oval frame" is an Etsy keyword with low competition but high potential. Catch the wave before it becomes a tsunami!

model wearing a forest green t-shirt with a oval frame deisng of a crow printed on it

Trend 4: Embroidery Extravaganza! 🧵💀

Note: Embroidery just got an edgy upgrade.

Yes, you read it right! Embroidery-style printed art featuring skulls and roses is blowing up big time. This trend has effectively blurred the lines between traditional art and modern fashion. Don't believe me? Have a look at these cool t-shirts that are pushing the boundaries of fashion with their edgy embroidery designs.

Remember those embroidery hoops your grandma loved? Well, they've gotten a glow-up and taken a trip to the dark side. Embroidery-style printed art featuring skulls and roses is hotter than your mom's apple pie right now.

beige color sweatshirt of couple with cute embroidery on pocket side

Check out our "Unlock Your Creativity T-Shirt Designs" post for a deep dive into how to harness this trend in your designs!

And More!

We're not done yet. There are skulls adorned with crowns, Halloween neon lights, dripping roses, and the pièce de résistance, the crystal spiders! 🕷️💎

To keep your Etsy game on point, and stay ahead of the curve, keep your eyes peeled for these trends and check out our "7 Evergreen Print-on-Demand Niches You Can't Afford to Miss in 2023".

Remember, these are only a few of the many trends that are transforming the print-on-demand scene. So keep experimenting, keep innovating, and most importantly, keep it stylish!

Now, get out there, start creating, and stay spooky, my friends! 🦇🌙💀

Stay sassy. Stay successful. Stay you.

Until next time,

Xoxo, Harsimran 💋

Disclaimer: Please remember that all information is based on my research and trends, and there's no guarantee for sales. Always do your research and make decisions based on your observations and data. Happy selling!


Q: What are the top trends for Etsy Print on Demand Halloween in 2023?

A: The top trends include snake-themed items, stained glass designs, vintage-style frames, and embroidery-style printed art.

Q: How can I incorporate the snake-themed trend into my products?

A: You can infuse snake elements into your designs, especially paired with roses, for a dangerously chic look. 

Q: What's unique about the stained glass design trend?

A: Stained glass designs bring a splash of vibrant colors into the mix. They can be subtly incorporated into any product like water bottles.

Q: How can I make the most of the vintage-style frames trend?

A: You can leverage Victorian-style frames into your designs. Remember, 'oval frame' is a low-competition keyword on Etsy.

Q: What should I know about the embroidery-style printed art trend?

A: This trend brings traditional art and modern fashion together. Designs featuring skulls and roses are particularly popular. 


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