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Enhance Your Halloween Celebrations with Our Free Printable Happy Halloween Gift Tags


Halloween is a joyous occasion that ignites the spark of creativity in everyone, young and old alike. It’s a time where eerie decorations adorn every corner, and the thrill of trick-or-treating resonates through the crisp autumn air. Amidst the fun and fright, the tradition of gift-giving holds a sweet spot. Making those treats extra special with a personalized touch not only delights the recipients but also adds to the festive spirit. And what better way to do this than with Sarsari Creations’ diverse range of printable gift tags? Discover a world of high-quality, unique designs that make your Halloween treats stand out.

Ease of Using Our Printable Tags

Halloween preparation can be a whirlwind of activities, and amidst the pumpkin carving and costume hunting, you need solutions that are simple yet effective. Our printable tags are designed to bring ease to your Halloween prep. With a few clicks, you can have your desired tags ready to be adorned on your treats. Here’s how:

  • Downloading Your Tags: Browse through our collection and choose the tags that resonate with your Halloween theme. Click download, and voila, your tags are ready to be printed.
Tablet on a wooden table showing Halloween Tag ready to be downloaded

  • Printing Your Tags: With your files downloaded, all you need is a printer and some paper. Load your printer, hit print, and watch as your tags come to life.
A printer on the wooden table printing A4 sheet that contains Halloween tags

  • Cutting Out Your Tags: Once printed, grab a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer, and carefully cut out your tags. It’s that simple!
a table with an A4 sheet printout for Halloween with a scissor on it

    Key Takeaway Table




    Instant download and print

    Required Tools

    Printer, paper, paper trimmer

    Time Needed

    Less than 5 minutes


    Printed soft blue stunning drool Halloween Tag on a Gift Box with red ribbon
    Download this Editable Template Here

    Three Types of Tags to Elevate Your Halloween Treats

    Halloween is all about creativity and crafting a memorable experience. Our printable tags come in three versatile types, each designed to add a unique touch to your Halloween treats. Let’s explore:

    Sandwich Bag Toppers

    Make those sandwich bags of treats or gifts more festive by using our Sandwich Bag Toppers. Fill up a bag with your chosen treats, fold over the Sandwich Bag Topper tag, and staple it securely over the top of the bag. They work wonderfully with brown paper lunch bags too!

    Hang Tag

    Got something that doesn’t snugly fit into a snack bag? No worries! Our Hang Tags are here to the rescue. Simply cut out the tag, punch a hole at the top, and use a piece of string or ribbon to tie it around a goody bag or a Halloween-themed pencil. It’s a delightful way to personalize your gifts.

    Square Card

    Our Square Cards are the epitome of versatility. Cut out the simple square card, add some double-sided tape to the back, and stick it to anything! Be it a bag of chips, a candy bar, a granola bar, or even a pumpkin, the Square Card adds a festive touch effortlessly.

    Variety in Design: Meeting Every Halloween Theme

    Halloween themes range from sweet and classic to spooky and eerie. Our collection of printable tags embraces this diversity, offering a range of designs to suit every theme:

    • Sweet Classic Halloween-Themed Tags: Embrace the traditional spirit of Halloween with these classic designs.
    • Spooky Halloween Gift Tags: For those who love a good scare, these spooky tags are perfect.
    • Cute Happy Halloween Tags: Add a cute touch to your treats with these adorable tags.
    • And many more including retro designs, candy corn themed tags, and watercolor-style graphics!
    Printed Black Hey Boo Halloween Tag on a Gift Box
    Download this Editable Template Here


    Purple Halloween tag with the text "yo are my Boo" on it. Printed and put on gift box.
    Download this Editable Boo Template Here
    Black Lets Get Spooky Halloween Tag with Green text and white Couldron on a brown gift box.
    Download this Editable SpookyTemplate Here

      Key Takeaway Table

      Design Element


      Themes Available

      Ghosts, Pumpkins, Black Cats, and more

      Unique Designs

      Candy Corn, Retro, Kawaii-style doodles

      The variety ensures that no matter your Halloween theme, we have a tag design to complement it. Explore the range and find the perfect tags to adorn your Halloween treats and gifts!

      Affordability and Premium Options

      We believe in providing value while also offering unique, high-quality designs. Our range of printable tags comes with both free and premium options to suit different preferences and budgets.

      Printed Lets Get Spooky with Mummy Halloween white tag put on a brown gift bow with twine string.
      Download this Editable Spooky Mummy Template Here
      printed editable white happy haunting bat tag on a gift box
      Download this Editable Cute Bat Template Here
      Printed Editable Trick and Treat black Halloween theme tag put on a brown gift box.
      Download this Editable Trick or Treat Template Here

      Prepping Your Tags

      Before you set out to decorate your Halloween treats, here are some tools and tips to ensure your tags look perfect:

      • Printing on Cardstock: For a professional finish, print your tags on cardstock. It's sturdy and makes the colors pop!
      • Cutting Tools: A good paper trimmer or a pair of sharp scissors is essential for clean cuts.
      • Adhesive Runner: To securely attach your tags, an adhesive runner does the job efficiently.

      Creating a Halloween Atmosphere

      Incorporating your tags with other Halloween decorations creates a cohesive and festive atmosphere. Pair your tags with Spiderweb Garlands, Ghost Garlands, and Halloween Goodie Bags to create a complete Halloween setup.

      • Fall Gift Tags and Treat Bags: Extend the festive spirit beyond Halloween with our Fall Gift Tags and Treat Bags.
      • Signature and Fingerprint Posters: Create lasting memories with our signature and fingerprint posters, a fun activity that’s also a beautiful keepsake.
      printed and editable Happy halloween cute cat themed black and white tag on a gift box
      Download this Editable Happy Halloween Cute Template Here
      printed and editable Hocus Pocus cute cat theme halloween tag on a gift box
      Download this Editable Hocus Pocus Template Here
      printed happy halloween cute and adorable black cat themed tag put on a brown box with string on it
      Download this Editable Adorable Template Here
      Printed Happy Haunting with bat in water color tag on a gift box
      Download this Editable Watercolor Bat Template Here
      Printed cute and creepy black cat tag on a gift box
      Download this Cute Creepy Cat Template Here


      The essence of Halloween lies in the joy of creativity and sharing delightful moments with loved ones. Our printable tags at Sarsari Creations are crafted to enhance these moments, making your Halloween celebration a memorable affair. Explore our collection, choose the tags that resonate with your Halloween theme, and spread the festive cheer far and wide!

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      Note:- Copyright Sarsari Creations 2023. The files provided are designated for personal use only. Commercial utilization of the files is strictly prohibited. It's not permitted to directly share the files within Facebook groups, on other websites, or in any other manner. If the intention is for educational use, the files may be printed and copied for classroom utilization. Sharing a link to the webpage for downloading the files is allowed, along with sharing one photo. However, printing the files for sale (including on local yard sale sites and groups or at local craft fairs) is prohibited. The images provided may not be used in any manner other than sharing with a link directed to the original webpage.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      How Can You Download the Happy Halloween Gift Tags?

      Downloading our Happy Halloween Gift Tags is a breeze! You can either click here to download the fun Halloween tags, or simply scroll to the bottom of this post to get the instant download. And guess what? You don’t even need to provide an email address to access the free download.

      What File Types are Included?

      We offer a variety of file types to suit your preferences:

      • PDF file
      • JPG file
      • PNG files for each individual tag

      Are these Editable Files?

      Absolutely! These are editable Halloween gift tags in Canva, ready for print, and customizable to meet your unique preferences.

      Set Up for Easy Cutting

      Our Halloween gift tags are designed for easy cutting. They are placed next to each other on the sheet to minimize the number of cuts needed. Start by using a paper trimmer to trim the edges, then use scissors for any angled cuts around the tops of the tags.

      What Size are the Gift Tags?

      These gift tags are crafted to print on a standard US Letter Size sheet. You'll find 6 tags per page, each approximately 1.2 inches wide by 2.3 inches tall.

      Can I Print the Tags in a Different Size?

      Yes, you can! Feel free to print the tags in different sizes. For instance, printing them as 2 to a page yields adorable tiny gift tags.

      Should the Tags Be Hole Punched or Taped?

      The choice is yours! Use them as hanging gift tags, sticky gift tags by printing on sticker paper, or simply attach them with tape. For hanging tags, cut out the tag and use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the top center.

      Looking for More Fun Free Printables?

      You're in luck! At Sarsari Creations, we release new printables every week for you to enjoy, including a delightful range of free Christmas printables. Stay updated with our latest offerings by signing up for our email.

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