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Skeleton, Please! The Ultimate 2023 Halloween Tee Design with Midjourney & Canva

Skeleton, Please! The Ultimate 2023 Halloween Tee Design with Midjourney & Canva


Key Takeaways

Pro Tips and Inspo Links

Initial Design Issue

Creating unique Halloween skeleton tees on Etsy.

Mastering Etsy 2023

Market Research

Skeletons are trending; aim for unique, graphic-heavy designs.

Step-by-Step Guide to DIY T-Shirt Design

Graphic Creation with Midjourney

Steps to create skeleton graphics using Midjourney on Discord.

Halloween Niche Mastery 2023

From PNG to SVG: Vectorizer AI

Convert Midjourney PNG files to SVG.

Start Your T-Shirt Printing Business WITH ZERO COST

Graphic Design with Figma

Fine-tune design dimensions and colors with Figma.

Mastering Ideogram Start Your T-Shirt Printing Business WITH ZERO COST – SarsariCreationsAI

Finalizing the Design in Canva

Final steps in Canva, including typography and color coordination.

2023 Valentine's Day Sweatshirt Collection


Answers to commonly asked questions about Canva and print design.

How to Design T-Shirts for Gen Z


Hey there, T-shirt Designers! Ready to spice up this Halloween with a jaw-dropping t-shirt design? Who says Halloween is just for trick-or-treating? It's the runway moment for your creativity to shine, too. Get the scoop on how to create a killer skeleton design for Etsy that'll make heads turn. We're talking Midjourney for graphics, Vectorizer AI for SVG conversion, Figma for some design magic, and Canva to bring it all together. Let's get those creative juices flowing! 🎃✨

Initial Design Issue: The Need for Unique Halloween T-Shirts

Question of the Hour: How to create a Halloween-inspired skeleton design that stands out from the Etsy crowd? The market is flooded with basic and repetitive designs, but it's time to shine with something unique.

Key Points to Consider

  • Graphic-heavy skeleton designs are on the rise.
  • Skeleton designs cater to a specific audience, making it a potential niche.
  • The ultimate aim? Be visually appealing without becoming a cliché and not getting lost in the crowd.

For inspo, check out Mastering Etsy 2023: Tips for Pricing, Listing, and Shipping that Guar - SarsariCreations.

How to make a skeleton tee that’s not just another Etsy basic? Honey, it's about to get real.


  • Skeletons are the new black.
  • Your target? The skeleton aficionados.Those fabulous skeleton aficionados who would love our Funny T-Shirt Bella Canvas Collection.
  • The goal? Slay, and not just create another copy.

Market Research: Finding Your Niche

Trust the numbers; they don't lie. Etsy is brimming with skeleton designs, but most are just too graphic-heavy. We can also say that Etsy is like a closet full of last season's trends—so many skeletons, so little style. See the gap? That's where the magic happens.

Market Trends

  1. Skeleton designs are trending.
  2. The audience loves graphic-heavy prints that you can also find in our Men's Collection..
  3. Unique designs have a better chance to stand out.

For more trendsetting tips, dive into Step-by-Step Guide to DIY T-Shirt Design with Canva & AI Midjourney: Create Your Own Fashion at Home – SarsariCreations.

Skeleton Trend Meter: A glance at how skeleton listings have boomed over the years. Can we say trending? 💀📈

trend meter comparison of skeleton Halloween designs in different years

Just look at how the number of skeleton-themed listings has soared! This is not just a moment; it's a movement. Yaas!

The process I’m going to show here today is super easy and I’ll walk you through step by step.

Graphic Creation with Midjourney

Midjourney is the secret sauce for those wanting to create their own skeleton graphic, inspired by Etsy's top sellers.

Platform Feature Comparison: Our fave platforms face off! Who's got the mostest? 🏆

different platform feature comparison in bar graph

Midjourney, Vectorizer AI, Figma, or Canva—each has its gems. But who's winning the feature race? Check it out!

Follow the following steps to use the Midjourney:

  • Join Discord.
  • Register on Midjourney and say 'yes' to their Discord channel invite.
  • Hop into the #newbies room and type in /subscribe.
  • Choose your Midjourney subscription.
  • Go back to Discord and start making images.
  • Tweak, improve, and save your new images.

Log in into your Discord Account, which I’m not mentioning in this article, type Midjourney in Google search bar and you will see the following screen:

snapshot of midjourney explaining its joining process

You will be welcomed by the following screen to continue:

snapshot explaining how to enter name and continue in mid journey platform

Once you are inside the MIdjourney, scroll through the left hand side and enter any of the #newbies room to type any prompt.

snapshot showing how to enter newbies room in midjourney

Midjourney Steps

  1. Use the command prompt here: “ <>t-shirt design vector, line drawing of human skeleton sitting on a bed in a room, line drawing, simple, in the style of white , orange and green, white: skeleton, pumpkin: orange, flat, 2d, enclosed on a black background” for a t-shirt design vector.
  2. Aim for line drawings of a human skeleton in a room.
  3. Stick to a color palette: white for the skeleton, orange for the pumpkin, all enclosed in a black background.

Use the above mentioned prompt to get the following results:

snapshot of the result one gets after entering the prompt mentioned in article

Upscale the desired image:

snapshot showing the upscaled image to get the resullt

Pro Tip: Upload the design copy from this prompt to create your own personalized version.

For more ideas, dive into our Halloween Niche Mastery 2023: Sub-Niching Strategies and Designs - SarsariCreations.

From PNG to SVG: Vectorizer AI

Why Vectorizer AI? It converts the Midjourney PNG to an SVG file, which is like turning water into wine for designers.

Once you’ve saved the image in Midjourney as .png file, bring it to Vectorizer AI.

How to Use Vectorizer AI

  • Drag the Midjourney skeleton image.
  • Download the processed result.

Use the following step as shown to use Vectorizer AI.

snapshot showing the interface of vectorizer ai and how to use it
snapshot of how to upscale an image in vectorizer ai and how to download it
snapshot showing to select svg option in the vectorizer
snapshot of how to save svg file in vectorizer ai

Graphic Design with Figma

Figma steps in for fine-tuning the design. It's all about the details—resizing, centering, and color adjustments.

Figma Design Steps

  • Create an artboard with dimensions 4500x5400 inch.
  • Drag in the SVG processed by Vectorizer AI.
  • Resize and center the design.
  • Delete unwanted elements from the design, to get a clean look in the final result.

Color Watch: Orange, green, and white are colors to consider when aiming for that Halloween vibe.

Follow through the following steps to make changes to your graphics, you just created in Midjourney and convert it to SVG using Vectorizer AI, using a free design tool called FIGMA for creating high quality images.

snapshot showing how to search figma on google
snapshot showing how to sign up for figma using gmail id
snapshot showing figma interfacesnapshot showing where to click to create a frame in Figmasnapshot showing how to set width and height of frame
snapshot showing how to place an image on artbobard
snapshot showing how to drag and drop image inside a frame
snapshot of how to delete the black background from picture
snapshot showing how to remove each vector from image
the zoomed in image guidance how to remove each element from vector file

Peek into Mastering Ideogram AI: Your Ultimate Guide to AI-Generated T-Shirt Design with Text 🌟✨ – SarsariCreations for evergreen style tips!

Finalizing the Design in Canva

Canva Essentials

  • Canva offers an easy-to-use interface.
  • Plenty of templates for those who don't want to start from scratch.
  • Font selection is critical; it should complement the design.

Typography 101

  1. Font choice: Germania One
  2. Font placement: Centered and appropriately sized
  3. Color coordination: Matching the Halloween aesthetic.
image imported in canva and font added to it for final effect

Typography Trends: Fonts matter while designing. Your font choice can make or break your design. Here's the tea on the hottest fonts right now. See which ones are stealing the spotlight. 🎨

different fonts and their popularity comparison in the form of a bar graph

Follow through the following steps to finalize the design in Canva.

For more fab finds, check out our 2023 Valentine's Day Sweatshirt Collection.

FAQ: Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: Can I use Canva for t-shirt printing? 

A: Absolutely! Canva makes it easy to print designs directly onto t-shirts.

Q: What size should I print-on-demand on Canva? 

A: For best results, aim for a design size of 4500x5400 inches.

Q: Are Canva designs free?

A: Many are, but some premium elements require a Pro account.

Q: Can I use Canva graphics for print on demand? 

A: Yes, Canva graphics can be used for Print-On-Demand (POD) projects.

Q: Is Canva good for print design? 

A: Oh, you bet! It's a favorite for many when it comes to print design, especially for custom t-shirts.


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